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Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society

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Welcome to SAAS (Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society). We were set up by Founder Kevin Healey to provide information and support to others in the Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire area.

Our New Head office The Guildhall, High Street, Newcastle, Staffs ST5 1PW

Telephone: (01782) 616555


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Who Are We

SAAS is the largest service-user led charity for Autistic adults in the UK. We aim to provide support to adults on the ASD spectrum and offer a range of services including:

-Helpline service
-Charity events
-Volunteering Opportunities
-Arranging social activities
-Free membership


*Social Group and Support Group 
We are looking to start an activity group for adults on the ASD spectrum. We will arrange outings and get-togethers to provide the group’s members with the opportunity to meet, socialise and have fun. We are also looking to start a support group for ASD individuals and their parents/carers to meet and discuss their shared issues and experiences. 

We are looking for contributions for our new monthly newsletter. If you would like to share your thoughts or experience as a person with ASD, or a family member/carer of a person with ASD, please contact us. We are also looking for artistic contributions from Autistic and Asperger’s individuals. This can include poetry, prose, photographs, paintings, etc. 

If you are interested in any of this above please contact us on facebook or via email at


SAAS Management Trustees

Our trustees:

Founder & Chairman Kevin Healey; Trustees Andrew Robinson, Julie Kearns, Steve Mai; Co-opted trustees Keith Harris, Sallie Elizabeth Kimberley


Autism Resourse Hub at our HQ

We have a library with over 150 books on Autism, including topics such as independent living, life skills, education, social care, mental health, and challenging behavior.  For more information please call or visit our head office. (Please note you need to be a member of SAAS to access the library).


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