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Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society


Welcome to Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS). Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, providing support to autistic individuals in Staffordshire.

Office address: The Guildhall, High Street, Newcastle, Staffs ST5 1PW

Telephone: 01782 616555



Social Meetings

We hold our 'Weekly Natter' in a spectrum-friendly café in Newcastle-under-Lyme every Thursday evening 4pm - 7pm. This is a very friendly and relaxed group that you can come and go to as you please without having to 'mask'. 

In addition to this, we hold an 'Enlightening Evening' every other Monday night in the same café, these evenings will cover a different topic each time and will have more of an educational purpose with a 'natter' afterwards. 

Please email us on for more information on these social meetings


A safe quiet space in Newcastle-under-Lyme

We know that things can get too much when out and about in time, but our office in The Guildhall in Newcastle-under-Lyme is the perfect quiet and safe space. If you're overwhelmed or just need some quiet time, come to see us in the office!


Resourses at our office

We have a library with over 150 books on Autism, including topics such as independent living, life skills, education, social care, mental health, and challenging behavior. For more information please call or visit our head office.



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