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Autism Book To Be Turned Into A Film

Kevin Healey Kevin Said- There has been quite a few films on Autism but these have mainly been on Autistic Savants, and they show Autism in a different perspective, However this film will show my childhood up to my Adult years, also there has never been a film released by twins on the Autistic spectrum. Proceeds from the film will goto SAAS Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society. www.saas.uk.com The Book Title was the brain child of Kevin’s Sister Julie Healey who was the inspiration of the Book Title, and also the main poem which features in the Book, the film will show Kevin’s childhood up-to his Adult years, Also the Book was Huge success because of all the support from Co Author Elisabeth Hughes. The Charity are looking for potential Filmmakers, Screenwriters and Producers, for more information please contact The charity’s HQ on 01782617088 or email infosaas@ntlworld.comKevin Healey

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