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Kevin Healey Autobiography

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Elizabeth Hughes You never seem to have much time to spare. Now its your world you want to share. If only I could take away your anxiety. From all around you in society. To many things for you to take in. It seems to you the whole world is in a spin.

Sometimes you get misunderstood. Even by those that know you better, they really should. I’m sorry I didn’t understand some of the time. Although it seems now its your turn to shine. I’m sorry for all the times I shouted. So many times I’m sure you counted. I remember how I didn’t like the rocking.

Even more I hated the mocking. Mum told me kids could be cruel. Only now they are not at school. I wouldn’t want to change the people you are. even though its been a roller ride so far. Because I love you both for who you are By Julie Healey, April 2006 (c)

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