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Mayor Supports SAAS

On behalf of SAAS (Staffordshire adults autistic society) I would like to congratulate the new mayor Mr John copper and further more I thank him for choosing our organisation to raise funds for the coming year we are overwhelmed by this that the mayor is supporting us and we are so grateful Autistic Adults are normally forgotten about in society. We are really thrilled about this exciting news and we know that the mayor will support this unique cause the mayor has seen at first hand the work that SAAS provide to the autistic community Mr John cooper has been in contact with SAAS over the last 12 months and has seen many new developments that the organisation has brought into the community such as our awareness DVD which was funded through the local LMIS, also various project that SAAS as developed over the last few months, Mr Cooper attended our conference “our autistic world” over a week ago and took a keen interest in helping and supporting autistic adults, we are so privileged to have him on board with Saas

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