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Our Autistic World Conference

SAAS invited along the NAS national Autistic society which we lunched the IEXSIST Campaign the largest lunch in the UK so far…. With over 250 people attended, carol spoke about the campaign, and the day after the conference the government have now agreed to do research to find out the true figure of how many autistic adults there are throughout the UK Our speakers on the day included Anja Rutten from Staffordshire university, Jessica peers from Sunderland, Dean Beadle from London, Adrian Summersell, and Ken Elliott A Conference DVD which was filmed on the day will be on sale for £10 Please make cheques payable to SAAS PO Box 2977, Newcastle, Staffs, ST55 9DN, N.B DVD will be released in June 2008. More information to follow shortly on our Conference Page

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