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Thanks To Mayor & Wife
Posted: 12/11/2008

I WOULD like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and Staffordshire Adult Autistic Society (SAAS) to thank the mayor of Newcastle, John Cooper and his wife Angela, for organising and putting on several events for SAAS, Mr Cooper's chos ...

Posted: 12/11/2008

SAAS are now a reg Charity with the charity commision SAAS is now the largest Autism charity in staffordshire for AUTISTIC ADULTS having over 100 members on the spectrum to join contact SAAS ...

SAAS Help Out Another Charity!
Posted: 24/10/2008

NSCA North Staffs Carers ASSOC recived a cheque for £160.00 donated from SAAS recently a ghost hunt took place and SAAS donated 10 percent of the prooceds to the leopard pub in burslem to help to restore the bub, but the landlord has decided that th ...

Mayors Charity Fireworks & Stanworths Funfair
Posted: 23/10/2008

Mayor John Cooper has arranged another fundraiser for SAAS which takes place on sunday the 26th October @ Lyme valley Fireworks Disaply also stanworths Funfair will be present all proceeds from the event will got SAAS PHOTOS will be added to our gal ...

SAAS Attend NAS Conference Kettering
Posted: 28/09/2008

SAAS attended the NAS regional conference where they networked with other organisations throughout the region of the west midlands ...

Beau Belle Dance
Posted: 11/09/2008

Beau Belle Dance with live music provided by; Tuxedo Junction in aid of Newcastle's Charitable fund (supporting SAAS) Friday 24th October 2008 bradwell lodge, Bradwell lane ,Porthill 7pm-11pm licenced bar tickets £12.00 avail from SAAS or Pe ...

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