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SAAS Receive 1,000 From Intui
Posted: 12/11/2017

SAAS have received 1,000 donation from intui, we are so pleased we supported them with there autism awareness packs this year ...

6 Antibullying Workshops Has Helped Over 200 People
Posted: 31/08/2017

6 workshops has raised awareness to over 200 people we have hed workshops, with lifeworks, the NSAAA, headway charity, newcastle college, staffs univesity and stafford college, on hate crime, cyberbullying, and mate crime. ...

Posted: 31/08/2017

Staffordshire adults autistic society (SAAS) have been awarded £2,800 to raise more awareness of autism throughout staffordshire, this new project as enabled us to reach more community's, a new newsletter will be sent out too over 100 ch ...

Charity Music Video For 10 Years Celebration
Posted: 31/08/2017

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page. A few weeks a met a young man by the name of Jack Rennie, whom came to the charity to volunteer, we got talking and he decided he would like too make a musical video for SAAS, A charity s ...

The Disability And Autism Awards
Posted: 20/10/2016

Our awards Celebration will take place on the 26th May 2017 at the kings hall stoke on trent. nominate now 1. volunteer of the year 2. adult carer of the year 3. young carer of the year 4. charity of the year 5. autis ...

Auditions Taking Place Next Month For A New Autism Film
Posted: 14/04/2016

Film based on autistic identical twins first of its kind made worldwide: Andrew Dobosz is directing a biopic drama this summer based on Kevin Healey's book "Twin Brothers Worlds Apart" We will be auditioning for the film on&n ...

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