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SAAS Receive More Funding!!


Wednesday 11th August 2010 By Natalie Bowen, Community Newswire

The UK's first radio station run by people with autism is to launch next month.

Autism Radio UK will launch in early September after its founder Kevin Healey received an £8,000 grant from the Staffordshire Cares: Community Wellbeing Fund and £5,000 from the national Access to Volunteering fund.

The online station, run by Staffordshire Adult Autistic Society (SAAS), plans to broadcast 200 shows during the next year, presented by six DJs with autism and Asperger's syndrome.

Mr Healey, chair of SAAS, said: "This project is really going to benefit hundreds of people with autism who feel isolated in Staffordshire.

"People will be able to tune in globally, so it will help break down barriers and improve communication skills, confidence, self esteem, training, learning, new volunteer opportunities and much more.

"They will be gaining new skills in radio and the media, which will hopefully lead into employment."

Broadcasts are planned to include live music, phone-ins and interviews with parents, carers and professionals about important topics for people with autism in the community.

Support for the station has already built up through social networking websites Facebook and Twitter, with many people offering themselves for interview when the station goes live onwww.autismradiouk.co.uk.

Shelley Davis, from the Staffordshire Cares: Community Wellbeing Fund, said: "The grant will be used to develop an online radio station and give the volunteers new skills to support the online radio broadcasts.

"It will also help volunteers develop their social skills and networks in the community."

SAAS provides information and support to people with autism in Staffordshire. For more details go to www.saas.uk.com.

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