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Thanks To Mayor & Wife

I WOULD like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and Staffordshire Adult Autistic Society (SAAS) to thank the mayor of Newcastle, John Cooper and his wife Angela, for organising and putting on several events for SAAS, Mr Cooper's chosen charity this year. The most recent one – paint the sky – which took place at Lyme Valley, attracted thousands of people. SAAS is moving ever closer towards getting its centre of excellence, which will be based in Hanley and will consist of a cyber cafe and training facility; for adults on the autistic spectrum, this will be the first of its kind in the UK. SAAS is going from strength to strength, supporting over 100 autistic adults, and the centre will benefit them in so many ways, especially when they leave school. The transition period to adulthood can be most daunting, but this centre will provide work experience and job opportunities, life skills, recognised qualifications and much, much more. A conference on challenging behaviour will take place next year on May 13, with speakers Professor Digby Tatum and Luke Beardmoore from Sheffield Hallam University. Our conference this year – autistic world – was a sell out, with over 270 people attending.

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