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Good Day- More Luke! If You Do Not Go Into Detail The Tips For Recovery here. Look Deeper On The Pages. There And Proper Nutrition And Proper Classes And A Lot Of Useful Things. Watch And Gain Knowledge.

- by Jennie Murray on 06/06/2010

Great Conference

- by Andrew Robinson on 06/06/2010

More Awareness Needed In Schools For Autism Which Is Lacking

- by M Lawton on 06/06/2010

Very Worthwile Day- Thankyou!

- by Liz Hyner on 06/06/2010

As At Teacher In A Special School Im Very Interested In Today Event!

- by Melanie Rothwell on 06/06/2010

Fantastic Conference!!!

- by Ellen Ellis on 06/06/2010

"Good Company, Met Loads Of New Friends Today"

- by SAAS Member on 26/05/2009

"enjoyed Meeting New People And Making New Friends".

- by SAAS Member on 26/05/2009

"I'm Very Greatfull That I Have Been Invited, Lookforward To The Next Event".

- by Katheleen Kerrigan on 26/05/2009

"well Organised Trip Out"

- by Jenny Turner on 26/05/2009

"Enjoyed The Event"

- by Bobby SAAS Member on 26/05/2009

"Fantastic! I Now Have A Better Understanding Of Autistic Spectrum".

- by Kerry Riley on 14/05/2009

"A Brilliant Day- Thank You".

- by Jennie Murray on 14/05/2009

"Excellent Conference".

- by Val Rowley E.L.I.T.E. on 14/05/2009

"Luke Beardon Provided An Excellent Presentation, Could Have Listened To More".

- by Lisa Austin on 14/05/2009

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