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"GREAT DAY OUT! Thank You!!!"

- by SAAS Member on 28/04/2009

"Excellent Day, Very Valuable & Inspirational".

- by A Amision on 28/04/2009

"Just Continue The Brilliant Work You All Do @ SAAS".

- by J Goodyear on 28/04/2009

"Excellent Day, Very Well Organized"

- by M. Fitch on 28/04/2009

"I Have Learn T Quite Allot About Autism Especially Through Anja's Talk And Also Hearing The Experiences Of Both James & Jessica. Thank You,".

- by Natasha Gibson Liverpool on 28/04/2009

"Fantastic Speakers".

- by J Sleight on 28/04/2009

"A Very Warm And Loving Meeting".

- by C White on 28/04/2009

"An Informative And Enjoyable Day".

- by C Goodfellow on 28/04/2009

"Excellent Day!!!".

- by M.R.James on 28/04/2009

"Fantastic Conference, It's Given Me Better Insight".

- by D Holdcroft on 28/04/2009

"A Super Conference, Thank You!".

- by V Hancock on 27/04/2009

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