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What is Autism to us?

Firstly, lets start with what Autism is not:

  • It's not an illness or disease
  • It's not something that can be cured as it is not an illness
  • It's not something you develop throughout life
  • It's not caused by bad parenting
  • It's not caused by vaccines, such as the MMR vaccine
  • It's not caused by diet
  • It's not an infection you can spread to other people

So, what is Autism?

  • It's something that you're born with
  • If you're autistic, you'll always be autistic
  • Autistic brains work in different ways to neurotypical brains
  • Being autistic does not stop you from having a full and happy life
  • Autism is a spectrum- no two individuals are the same
  • Like everyone, autistic people have things that they're really good at and other things that they're not so good at
  • Some autistic individuals have average or above average intelligence, some may have learning difficulties and therefore may require help with daily living and independence


How might an autistic adult recognise their traits?

Common traits include:

  • Finding it hard to understand what others are thinking or feeling
  • Experiencing anxiety around social situations
  • Finding it hard to make or keep friends
  • Prefering to be on your own
  • Coming across as blunt, rude or not interested without meaning to
  • Finding it hard to express how you feel
  • Taking things very literally
  • Enjoy having the same routine and getting anxious or distressed if it changes
  • Not understanding social 'rules', such as waiting your turn to speak
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Getting too close to people, or getting upset or distressed if someone touches you or gets to close to you
  • Having an eye for small details, such as patterns, smells or sounds that others do not notice
  • Have a special interest in a subject or activity
  • Like making plans before carrying out an activity

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