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The Services We Offer

  • Support to individuals aged 18 and over who are on the spectrum
  • Support to parents of children or young adults who are on the spectrum
  • Guidance to workplaces who either have employees on the spectrum or have clients who are on the spectrum. This can be given through the medium of information packs or an informative talk in the workplace, for example.
  • Weekly socials that are spectrum friendly for individuals on the spectrum to come along to so that they can socialise comfortably without having to ‘mask’
  • Informative 'Enlightening Evenings' every-other-week where a new topic is covered every week followed by an informal chat discussing the charity (see our events page to watch them!)


Changes of services due to COVID-19

  • Our weekly socials are being held via Facebook. Please message our facebook page to enquire about our online socials.
  • Support groups are being facilitated through Facebook Messenger. Please enquire about these through our facebook page.
  • Enlightening Evenings are being held over Zoom and are held every other monday at 7pm- see our facebook page for more information.

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